My name is Diomedes Lajara, I design and develop custom UIs.

I taught myself web design and development to solve business problems creatively. Using web technologies, I translate ideas and design concepts into fully functional web products. From Email Templates, WordPress themes and all the way to Frontend ReactJS applications.

my tools

Foundation Email

Responsive Design

I use programs like Figma and Adobe to create mock-ups of what the product will look like in mobile devices and desktops. I also keep a sketch book to brainstorm quick wireframes iterations.

HTML / CSS / Sass / Styled-Components

I'm passionate about these technologies to power shapes, structure and colors when developing a pixel perfect web design.

Zurb Foundation For Emails

Currently my favorite framework for creating resposive HTML Emails. This tool allows me to mass produce email templates.

JavaScript / React / jQuery

Using JS is facinating. It gives me an inifinite number of posibilities for creating solutions that are tailored to specific requirements. My favorite way of using it is to manipulate DOM elements of web pages to give users an interactive experience.


Everyone knows about WordPress. It is very user friendly.